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Taking the dog for a walk



  • Quick Stop: $13

  • 30 Minutes: $20

  • 1 Hour: $30

Maybe your dog isn’t comfortable at daycare or you don’t want them to do every day. Or you need a little help outside of our normal hours. Whether you’re at work or a sporting event, date night or recovering from an injury/illness, Modern Dog can provide your dogs with the attention they need to remain active and engaged.


We request a meet-and-greet for you and your dog before the first walk so we can learn your dog’s specific needs and keep them on a consistent routine. It is always our goal to keep your dogs happy and healthy in our care.


We cannot guarantee a specific time for your midday walk; however, most are completed between 11AM – 2PM. If you have specific time request, please let us know and we will work it into our schedule as best as possible.


Dog Walking Includes:

  • Food and water replenishment

  • Photos and texts (if requested)

  • Medicine given (as needed; NO SHOTS)

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